We are glad to present an additional utility SJ ScreenSaver for the users of the commercial version of the SJ IM.
As you have probably already guessed, this is not an ordinary screen saver which you can find quite often on the Internet. This utility is used to protect your computer while you are away or in case of an emergency shutdown.

The main features of this tool are:
  1. Switching-on the screen saver with hot keys.
  2. Computer emergency shutdown using hot keys.
  3. Changeable utility deactivation password
  4. Possibility to select the desired screen saver.
  5. Temporary screen saver restriction (off, emergency stop, etc.)

Why make a separate utility for this development?

It is not always necessary when running jabber client.

It is more convenient if it is off-line and doesn’t interfere with your work.

How do I get this utility?

The SJ ScreenSaver utility is absolutely free for SJ IM Premium version users.

The appearance of the software: