We offer a free download utility to lock on and off your Mac – SJ ScreenSaver.
As you probably already guessed this is no ordinary screen saver, which many in the Internet. This utility is used to protect your computer while you are away and emergency stop it if necessary.

The functionality of the utility is as simple as it is important:

Lock screen

A function that allows you to protect yourself from unwanted viewing of your files..

Setting is carried out in 3 clicks.

1. Start SJ ScreenSaver

Program icon (lock and monitor) will appear in the upper-right corner - click on it.

2. Select "Settings"

3. Select a hardware key combination to activate the screen saver.

4. Enter the password.
Once you click "Save Settings", the settings take effect.

Mac shutdown

A function that allows you to have an emergency shutdown Mac.

Adjustment also occurs in 3 clicks:

1. Start SJ ScreenSaver

2. Select "Settings"

3. Select a hardware key combination for emergency shutdown.

Who's watching me?

Detection of unwanted attention to your Mac.

It is very important to know that someone is interested in the contents of your Mac!

In order to find out whether there are people who are curious about what you have going on, adjust our SJ ScreenSaver.
In the settings you specify the time "Inactivity" in seconds longer than you basically are out.

Let's say you drink an average of coffee (or tea) for 10 minutes (600 seconds). Set the parameter "Inactivity" equal to 660 seconds, and when you come to your Mac, you'll notice that someone was trying to enter the password.

This method works only if you are sure that NO ONE but you knows your password from SJ ScreenSaver.

Enjoy your use!
We would be very grateful if you share this program with all who know!

Download SJ Screen Saver for Mac OS